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Inheritance plants

With the passing away of a dear friend last year, I reflected on how much advice and knowledge she had given me, some of it to do with horticulture and gardens. It made me realise that the plant knowledge that has stuck with me over the years is often the one I got from people rather than books (probably showing my age here by referring to books rather than internet). I have met many dedicated individuals who are passionate about their work with gardens or nature, and through short interviews I aim to capture their own journey, and particularly the plants they have inherited as well as those they would like to pass on.

As a new gardening year is about to start, and Bud Garden Centre re-opens its doors, here’s a quick chat with my friend Brenda, who runs Bud. Find out about how she got involved in gardening, running a garden centre and some of her favourite plants, by following the link below:

Inheritance plants

Helleborus species at Parsonage Garden, Didsbury, Manchester, 25 February 2020

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